Photo credit: Quetzaltrekkers

Volcano boarding in León

León is a mid-sized city in northern Nicaragua. It’s popular with travelers for its quirky side. The city was a base of the Sandinista movement, and it still has a strong element of lefty politics. On top of that, it’s in a gorgeous location, surrounded by volcanoes — one of which you can go “volcano […]

These kids know where to jump. Some tourists don't -- and end up with broken legs.

Somoto Canyon: An easy way to visit

Somoto Canyon was only “discovered” by gringos about 20 years ago. But since then, backpackers have been trickling into the area — on the border with Honduras — to climb, swim, and hike through the canyon.   It is possible to visit Somoto Canyon independently. However, it’s hard to organize transportation. There isn’t much accommodation […]