Lady selling khat -- a common sight in Dire Dawa

Visit Dire Dawa: The gateway to the East

Stepping off the plane, I felt like I’d arrived in a different country. I was instantly hit by the sticky heat typical of lowland East Africa. I could hear the Call to Prayer echoing from a nearby mosque. Instead of white-clad Christian shepherds, I was surrounded by black-robed businesswomen in high heels. I hadn’t originally […]

Most Ethiopian men are more interested in getting to know you and sharing their traditions than in giving you a hard time

Tigray Churches on Public Transport

Ethiopia is incredibly gifted when it comes to ancient artifacts. It’s no surprise, really — the country is home to at least two ancient civilizations. Its citizens practice what is arguably the oldest continuously practiced form of Christianity in the world. Around the 13th century, this gave rise to the construction of hundreds of rock […]