Most Ethiopian men are more interested in getting to know you and sharing their traditions than in giving you a hard time

Tigray Churches on Public Transport

Ethiopia is incredibly gifted when it comes to ancient artifacts. It’s no surprise, really — the country is home to at least two ancient civilizations. Its citizens practice what is arguably the oldest continuously practiced form of Christianity in the world. Around the 13th century, this gave rise to the construction of hundreds of rock […]

Wild Dog Safaris Namibia: Tour Review

Epic desert sunsets. Remote landscapes. Lions, elephants, rhinos, and leopards. I saw all these things and more during my two weeks in Namibia. And it was all thanks to Wild Dog Safaris.   Now, I’m not normally a tour person. I’m a firm believer in public transportation, bumps, dust, crowds and all. I like to […]

My Namibia road trip truck

Namibia Road Trip: Two-week itinerary

Southern Africa is great road-trip territory. From South Africa’s Garden Route to trips through Lesotho’s mountains and elephant encounters in Botswana, your own two wheels give you the freedom to get where no public transportation will take you. And nowhere is that more true than Namibia. As one of the world’s least-densely populated places, this desert […]