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Italy landmarks you CAN’T miss: What to do in Italy

Italy. The land of pizza, gelato, beautiful blue water, vineyards amid rolling hills, and so, so much history. You could travel for a lifetime in this incredible country and never get bored. The country has 55 UNESCO World Heritage Sites — the most of any country in the world (tied with China). But if you […]

Weekend in Bucharest Romania: The top things to do in Bucharest

Are you looking for a short city break with culture, nightlife, great food and coffee, and plenty of things to do? Don’t feel like dodging hordes of tour groups with their obnoxious umbrellas and megaphone-wielding guides? Traveling on a budget? Then consider spending a weekend in Bucharest, Romania — one of the hottest cities in […]

EVERYTHING you need to know to plan a DIY Bucovina monasteries tour

The churches of Moldavia are beautiful -- and possible to visit without a tour.

Painted monasteries are one of the highlights of traveling in Romania. They’re works of art coupled with historic religious institutions. Many of them are in beautiful, remote corners of the country where few tourists go — like the Bucovina monasteries near Suceava.   Independent travel in Bucovina is challenging and adventurous. Many villages have no […]

Brasov to Bran Castle Romania: Day trip to see “Dracula’s Castle”

Where is Bran Castle? It's in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, in Transylvania.

When you hear “Transylvania,” you probably think “vampires.” Known as the birthplace of Dracula, this region of Romania is famous worldwide for its castles and mystique. And there’s no better place to start exploring than Bran Castle — the real-life Dracula’s Castle. Bran is an easy side trip from Brasov, the cultural heart of Transylvania. […]

What to wear in Iceland in winter: The perfect women’s Iceland packing list

The best hiking boots for Iceland are waterproof and have good grip so you can explore waterfalls like Gullfoss without worrying about slipping.

Visiting Iceland is a dream for many travelers. The Land of Fire and Ice has some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, beaches and waterfalls. And despite being near the Arctic Circle, it’s actually a fantastic winter destination. Traveling in the colder months means seeing the Northern Lights, glacier hiking, and avoiding the tourist crowds. […]

Backpacking Iceland: The ULTIMATE guide to Iceland on a budget

Traveling to Iceland on a budget is possible -- without sacrificing experiences.

Backpacking Iceland: Top Experiences   Gazing at the magnificent Gullfoss Waterfall on the Golden Circle Walking behind Seljalandsfoss Waterfall at sunrise Seeing the Northern Lights Checking out Reykjavik’s hip arts scene and Viking history Relaxing in the geothermal spa at the Blue Lagoon   Jump to the list of posts from Iceland, or read on for my comprehensive Iceland travel […]

Four days in Iceland: The best Iceland itinerary for a short trip

Base yourself in Reykjavik for the perfect long weekend in Iceland.

Iceland is one of the most naturally beautiful and unique countries on the planet. The Land of Fire and Ice has breathtaking waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers, ice caves, geothermal vents, black sand beaches, adorable villages, and more. Better yet, you don’t need tons of vacation time to see the highlights. With widely available cheap flights from […]

5 Essential Golden Circle Stops: An EPIC Iceland Golden Circle itinerary

Your Golden Circle itinerary could take as little as half a day or as long as 10+ hours, depending on which route you take.

The Golden Circle is easily the most popular day trip in Iceland. And with good reason — the scenery is spectacular. You get a taste for everything the country has to offer, from volcanic landscapes to incredible waterfalls. And all the major Golden Circle stops are within 90 minutes of Reykjavik, making it a great […]

Iceland South Coast Tour: The PERFECT day on the south coast of Iceland

The highlights of south Iceland are the many waterfalls near Reykjavik.

The south coast of Iceland has some of the country’s best natural attractions. Towering cliffs and black-sand beaches. Epic waterfalls and glaciers. Cute small towns that have somehow managed to survive volcanic eruption after volcanic eruption. And of course, tons of Icelandic horses. In this post, I’ll cover the top things to see on an […]

Cappadocia Travel Guide: Things to do in Cappadocia, Turkey

A Cappadocia balloon ride may be the most famous activity, but it's not the only thing to do in the area.

The area known as Cappadocia stretches across Anatolia, further east than Ankara, Turkey. Known for the unique rock formations called “fairy chimneys,” cave hotels, and hot air balloon rides, Cappadocia is a popular destination for luxury travelers, couples and Instagrammers. But don’t worry — even if you’re a solo traveler, on a budget, you can […]