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30 before 30 travel bucket list: My top 30 travel experiences so far

This list of things to do before you turn 30 can help you plan your travels for years!

On Tuesday, I turned 30. I celebrated my birthday on the road through Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. As I’ve been spending a lot of time on buses staring out the window at the East African savanna, I’ve been reflecting on my first 30 years of travel. So I put together this list of […]

Istanbul landmarks: The best things to do in Istanbul

Your Turkey trip itinerary will probably start in Istanbul.

Istanbul is an enormous city that you could spend weeks exploring. It has ancient history — from the Roman times through the Ottoman Empire. It’s culturally vibrant, with modern galleries sitting side-by-side with traditional bazaars. And the architecture is simply amazing — Istanbul has a minaret-dotted skyline unlike any other on the planet. But if […]

Super Shuttle from Dulles Airport: My horrible experience

The shuttle to Dulles or into the city from Dulles is not a good option.

By the time I landed at Dulles Airport in Washington, DC at midnight, I’d been traveling for nearly 16 hours. I was exhausted and dreading the idea of going to work in the morning. But I still had some hope of getting a reasonable amount of sleep. Unfortunately, my hopes were quickly dashed as I […]

Backpacking Nepal: Overview

Gorgeous mountain views in the Annapurna Conservation Area

Top experiences when backpacking Nepal   Catching your first glimpse of an 8,000-meter peak The sense of accomplishment you get from completing your Himalaya trek Exploring the old towns of the Kathmandu Valley Getting acquainted with Tibetan culture in small villages — or big cities like Boudhanath Chatting with guides, porters and trekkers around a […]

Women’s packing list for Paris in winter

This women's packing list for Paris in winter can prepare you to see the Eiffel Tower when it goes from sunny to stormy in 4 minutes.

Paris is a fantastic year-round travel destination. And if you don’t mind a little cold and rainy weather, winter can be the best time to visit Paris. Tourist crowds are low. You won’t need to make dinner reservations weeks in advance. And the lines at even the best museums are short. But packing for Paris […]

Off the beaten path solo female travel

Hiking in Ecuador is one of the top activities. Read on for details in my comprehensive Ecuador travel guide.

Solo female travel is all the rage these days. More and more women are taking off on adventures alone and learning just how empowering it can be. Destinations like Portugal, Thailand and Bali are at the top of every list of best destinations for solo female travellers. Don’t get me wrong, those are great places […]

Safari Packing List for Women

So you’ve finally booked it — you’re going on safari in Africa. Maybe it’s been at the top of your bucket list for years, or maybe you just decided to go on impulse. Either way, you’re in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience and one of the world’s greatest travel adventures. But what should you bring with […]

Hiking Ijen: Miners, sulfur and sore legs

Near the end of the spectacular (and spectacularly-steep) hike up Kawa Ijen

It’s 6 am in East Java, Indonesia. The sun is just starting to warm up the cool mountain air. I’m standing at the edge of the Ijen Crater. The impossibly-blue crater lake below me is shrouded in mist. Beside me, a sulfur miner drops his 90-kilogram load to take a smoke break. I’m sleep-deprived, my […]

Southeast Asia Packing List for women

So you’re planning a trip to Southeast Asia. Awesome — you’re going to have the adventure of a lifetime! This fascinating region is among the easiest in the world to travel, while still offering a diversity of culture and outdoor activities. So how do you pack for all that? In this post, I’ll walk you […]