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Italy landmarks you CAN’T miss: What to do in Italy

Italy. The land of pizza, gelato, beautiful blue water, vineyards amid rolling hills, and so, so much history. You could travel for a lifetime in this incredible country and never get bored. The country has 55 UNESCO World Heritage Sites — the most of any country in the world (tied with China). But if you […]

EVERYTHING you need to know to plan a DIY Bucovina monasteries tour

The churches of Moldavia are beautiful -- and possible to visit without a tour.

Painted monasteries are one of the highlights of traveling in Romania. They’re works of art coupled with historic religious institutions. Many of them are in beautiful, remote corners of the country where few tourists go — like the Bucovina monasteries near Suceava.   Independent travel in Bucovina is challenging and adventurous. Many villages have no […]

Brasov to Bran Castle Romania: Day trip to see “Dracula’s Castle”

Where is Bran Castle? It's in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, in Transylvania.

When you hear “Transylvania,” you probably think “vampires.” Known as the birthplace of Dracula, this region of Romania is famous worldwide for its castles and mystique. And there’s no better place to start exploring than Bran Castle — the real-life Dracula’s Castle. Bran is an easy side trip from Brasov, the cultural heart of Transylvania. […]

Things to do in Hue Vietnam: Hue Imperial City, Royal Tombs and More

Looking for what to do in Hue Vietnam? Start by visiting the Citadel.

Central Vietnam is the cultural heart of the country. The region’s biggest draw for travelers is Hoi An, the riverside town with Chinese temples and great food. But just a few hours north is often-overlooked Hue — the 19th-century capital of the Nguyen emperors’ rule. Today, imperial relics from that time are among the best things […]

Istanbul landmarks: The best things to do in Istanbul

Your Turkey trip itinerary will probably start in Istanbul.

Istanbul is an enormous city that you could spend weeks exploring. It has ancient history — from the Roman times through the Ottoman Empire. It’s culturally vibrant, with modern galleries sitting side-by-side with traditional bazaars. And the architecture is simply amazing — Istanbul has a minaret-dotted skyline unlike any other on the planet. But if […]

Traveling to Istanbul: Top Istanbul travel tips for first-time visitors

Watching the sun set behind one of Istanbul's mosques is a definitive experience when traveling to Turkey.

Traveling to Istanbul can be the experience of a lifetime. With one foot in Europe and the other in Asia, this is a city like no other. You could spend weeks exploring its mosques, bazaars, and palaces.   Istanbul is an enormous city, and it can be overwhelming for first-time visitors. Carpet scammers attempt to […]

One week in Colombia: Caribbean Colombia itinerary for first-timers

Do you only have one week to visit Colombia? Then this itinerary is for you!

Colombia is the kind of place you could easily spend months in and barely scratch the surface. From isolated Caribbean beaches to epic trekking peaks, buzzing cities, and coffee haciendas, every region offers something different. But don’t worry — even if you have limited time to travel, you can still plan a great trip to […]

Phimai Historical Park: Day trip from Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

The Phimai Historical Park is thought to be the blueprint for Angkor Wat

Isaan — the far east of Thailand — is the least-visited region in the country. It’s the one place on your Thailand trip where you can escape hordes of tourists. But that doesn’t mean it’s boring — far from it. It has some of the country’s most important ancient temples, including the fascinating Phimai Historical […]

Phnom Penh Itinerary: 3 days in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

This three-day Phnom Penh Cambodia itinerary will take you to cultural attractions, historical sites, and the city's best museums.

Phnom Penh is one of the most interesting cities in Southeast Asia. It’s the seat of Cambodian government and the center of Khmer culture. At the same time, it’s full of reminders of the horrifying rule of the Khmer Rouge. The ideal Phnom Penh itinerary includes an exploration of the city’s history — but also […]

Things to do in Sukhothai Thailand: One day at Sukhothai Historical Park

This list of Sukhothai things to do in one day will help you plan the perfect trick to these fascinating Thailand ruins.

Central Thailand is the heart of Thai history and culture. The ruined ancient cities between Bangkok and Chiang Mai tell the stories of the empires that bred the modern Thai identity. And the most fascinating and atmospheric of them is Sukhothai. You can cover the top things to do in Sukhothai in just one day, […]