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Best place to see gorillas in the wild: How to decide where to gorilla trek

The gorillas of Rwanda, Uganda and the DRC are among the most endangered large mammals in the world.

One of the highlights of traveling in East Africa is the chance to come face-to-face with mountain gorillas. This critically endangered species can only live at high altitudes in dense forests. And thanks to decades of poaching and habitat loss, there are currently only three places in the world where you can find them: Rwanda, […]

Kigali to Kabale by bus: Fly into Kigali, Rwanda to track gorillas in Uganda

Lake Bunyonyi, just 8 km from Kabale, is a good staging point for gorilla trekking and is easy to reach from Kigali.

If you’re planning a backpacking trip through East Africa, gorilla trekking is probably high on your list. Uganda is the cheapest country to track gorillas in. But to reach the gorillas in Uganda, it’s faster and easier to fly into Kigali, Rwanda. Then, you’ll need to get from Kigali to Kabale, Uganda. Every tour company […]

The BEST things to do in Kigali Rwanda: One day in Kigali on a budget

The Kigali city center is relaxed compared to most East African capitals.

Nobody goes to East Africa for the cities. But as far as East African cities go, Kigali is pretty great. It’s clean and safe (unlike Nairobi). Its traffic is nominal (unlike Kampala). And it has a surprising sense of order (unlike Addis Ababa). At the same time, it manages to retain a distinctly East African […]