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Medellin to Jardin by bus: How to get to Jardin, Colombia

Transportation from Medellin to Jardin is straightforward -- this adorable town is just three hours from Medellin by bus

Jardin, Colombia is a magical place. It’s a cute little town in the mountains with just enough traveler infrastructure to make it enjoyable to visit, but not overrun by tourists like Guatape or Salento. And it’s only a three-hour bus ride from Medellin to Jardin. So whether you’re on a short holiday in Colombia or […]

Medellin to San Gil by bus or plane: Travel to San Gil, Colombia

The bus from Medellin to San Gil Colombia takes you through beautiful landscapes like the Chicamocha Canyon

There’s no denying that Medellin is one of the greatest cities on the planet. Nearly every traveler falls hard for the former “Murder Capital of the World” – turned – “City of Eternal Spring.” But if you’re backpacking around Colombia, you can’t stay in Medellin forever. Sooner or later you’re going to have to tear […]

How to take a bus from Bogota to San Gil Colombia: A step-by-step guide

Many of the hotels in Barichara has spectacular views of the mountains.

San Gil is the adventure capital of Colombia. This friendly little town is the gateway to paragliding over the world’s second-largest canyon, rafting down class IV white water, caving, canyoning, bungee jumping, trekking and more. But it’s also out on a limb in the northeast of the country — far from the other destinations on […]

Safety in Bogota: The solo female travel guide to deciding, is Bogota safe?

Bogota Colombia safety for solo women is questionable. But with a little common sense, you can easily protect yourself.

Bogota is one of Colombia’s most exciting cities. It has incredible street art, fascinating museums, beautiful architecture, and epic nightlife. But unfortunately, like many large cities in South America, it also has a reputation for being dangerous. So if you’re planning a visit — especially as a solo female traveler — you’d be right to […]

Where to stay in Bogota Colombia: The 5 BEST hostels in Bogota

Wondering where to stay in Bogota? This post will help you choose which neighborhood to stay in and the best Bogota hostels.

Bogota is the perfect entry point to Colombia. It’s a huge, modern city with all the amenities travelers could want. But it also has tons of history, great museums, and one of the country’s best food scenes. You definitely won’t be bored here! With many diverse neighborhoods and tons of cute guesthouses and hostels, one […]

Backpacking Colombia: The ULTIMATE budget Colombia travel guide

Planning a trip to Colombia is the chance to design the trip of a lifetime.

Backpacking Colombia: Top Experiences   Exploring Medellin’s fascinating history and forward-looking modern culture. Trekking through the jungle to the ruins of the Lost City. Learning how your morning cup is made at a small-scale coffee farm near Salento. Wandering through the stunning Walled City in Cartagena. People-watching in Jardin — Colombia’s most photogenic town.   Jump […]

Four days in Iceland: The best Iceland itinerary for a short trip

Base yourself in Reykjavik for the perfect long weekend in Iceland.

Iceland is one of the most naturally beautiful and unique countries on the planet. The Land of Fire and Ice has breathtaking waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers, ice caves, geothermal vents, black sand beaches, adorable villages, and more. Better yet, you don’t need tons of vacation time to see the highlights. With widely available cheap flights from […]

Istanbul landmarks: The best things to do in Istanbul

Your Turkey trip itinerary will probably start in Istanbul.

Istanbul is an enormous city that you could spend weeks exploring. It has ancient history — from the Roman times through the Ottoman Empire. It’s culturally vibrant, with modern galleries sitting side-by-side with traditional bazaars. And the architecture is simply amazing — Istanbul has a minaret-dotted skyline unlike any other on the planet. But if […]

Iceland in November: Seven reasons you HAVE to go

One of the top Iceland points of interest is its black sand beaches.

Iceland is quickly growing into one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. And it’s no wonder why. The island has volcanoes, glaciers, thermal baths, Viking history, black sand beaches, waterfalls, and more. And it’s small enough that you can see a lot in a short trip. Given its location in the North Atlantic, […]

One week in Colombia: Caribbean Colombia itinerary for first-timers

Do you only have one week to visit Colombia? Then this itinerary is for you!

Colombia is the kind of place you could easily spend months in and barely scratch the surface. From isolated Caribbean beaches to epic trekking peaks, buzzing cities, and coffee haciendas, every region offers something different. But don’t worry — even if you have limited time to travel, you can still plan a great trip to […]